January 14, 2019 11:09

  • Emin Guseinov tells about pressure on his brother Mekhman in SIZO

    The blogger Mekhman Guseinov, who is holding his hunger strike in SIZO (pre-trial prison), is under strong pressure, said his brother Emin Guseinov. According to Emin, Azerbaijani authorities distort information about his brother's health and try to hide the fact of his hunger strike.

January 14, 2019 10:56

January 13, 2019 12:16

January 13, 2019 12:16

January 13, 2019 12:15

January 13, 2019 12:14

  • Isa Khamkhoev. Photo by the press service of the Muftiyat of Ingushetiaсовещание-в-дцм-ри-03-09-2018-г/ Membership of Ingush Mufti in North-Caucasian MCC suspended

    The Muslims' Coordinating Centre (MCC) of Northern Caucasus has suspended the participation of the Mufti of Ingushetia, Isa Khamkhoev, in its activities, urging him to "return to the framework of Sharia norms" and not to interfere in the work of state bodies.

January 13, 2019 12:13

January 12, 2019 21:10

January 12, 2019 21:02

January 12, 2019 11:45

  • Anar Mamedov. Photo: RFE/RL Editor-in-chief of Azerbaijani website "criminalaz" website denies accusations at trial

    The website "" has caused the government's dissatisfaction, which led to initiation of a case on appeals against the state, Anar Mamedov, the editor-in-chief of the website, has stated. By posting critical articles, Mamedov exercised his right to the freedom of speech, guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), said his advocate.

January 12, 2019 11:01

January 12, 2019 10:47

January 12, 2019 09:44

January 12, 2019 09:41

January 12, 2019 09:40

  • Ibragim Belkharoev. Photo: screenshot of the video by Daud Polonkoev Murder in Nazran recalls strained relations of Sheikh Belkhoroev's family with Ingush leader

    The murder of Ibragim Belkharoev was committed at the background of the absence of any conflicts of the Batal-Haji Belkhoroev wird (clan, or brotherhood) with other wirds, said a member of the Batal-Haji's wird. Ibragim Belkharoev enjoyed respect among residents of Ingushetia and Chechnya, but members of the wird had "strained relations," with the authorities of Ingushetia, residents of the republic believe.

January 12, 2019 08:53

January 12, 2019 08:50

January 11, 2019 22:25

January 11, 2019 22:23

January 11, 2019 22:21

  • Natalia Eprikyan. Screenshot of the TV show "Why not talk?" Comedy Woman's producer criticizes Ingushes' reaction to joke

    Stars of the TNT TV Channel have recorded a video clip with apologies to Ingushes for a performance in the Comedy Woman programme; it was done at the insistence of their bosses. Feeling of insult at the joke is a manifestation of weakness, while the apology for the show fragment was a manifestation of strength, Natalia Eprikyan, the producer of the show, has stated.

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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