South Ossetia

September 24, 2020 23:40

  • Key stage of Caucasus-2020 exercise takes place amid conflict between invited countries

    On Thursday, participants of the Caucasus-2020 military exercise practiced destruction of manoeuvre enemy' military vehicles and strongholds at a training ground in the Volgograd Region. Analysts suggest that Azerbaijan and India would be able to take part in the Caucasus-2020 military exercise in case if Armenia, China, and Pakistan had not responded to the Russia's invitation.

September 12, 2020 12:28

September 09, 2020 15:11

September 07, 2020 10:59

  • South-Ossetia policeman arrested for torturing detainees

    A court in Tskhinvali has ruled to detain Atsamaz Naniev, a policeman, as a suspect in the case of torturing detainees; it was done after the attempt on the life of the head of the South-Ossetian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

September 04, 2020 10:47

  • Tskhinvali residents commemorate victims of Beslan tragedy

    An action in memory of the victims of the terror act in Beslan was held in the Theatre Square of Tskhinvali. The day before, in the square, people lit candles, which were spread out on the ground. Anyone could come up and light a candle in memory of those killed in the terror act committed 16 years ago.

September 03, 2020 23:18

September 02, 2020 11:23

  • Half of South-Ossetian MPs announce boycott

    Seventeen out of 34 South-Ossetian parliamentarians have suspended their work pending resignation of Uruzmag Djagaev, the Public Prosecutor General, to whom the parliament announced a vote of distrust after the death of Inal Djambiev, detained by law enforcers. Djagaev refused to follow the MPs' demand.

September 01, 2020 18:35

September 01, 2020 14:26

September 01, 2020 10:55

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