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  • Convention on Legal Status of Caspian Sea signed

    On August 12, in Kazakhstan, the leaders of the so-called "Caspian Five" countries signed the Convention on Legal Status of the Caspian Sea. Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan have called the deal historic.

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August 04, 2018 23:36

  • Residents of Krasny Sulin demand to hold a referendum on pension reform

    Today, in Krasny Sulin, a rally against a raise of the retirement age was held in front of the district palace of culture. According to the police, it was attended by 180 people. Meanwhile, organizers reported about 300 participants of the action, and according to the assessment made by the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent, 240-250 people came to the rally.

August 04, 2018 18:46

  • Dagestani journalists associate collapse of "Anji" FC with Suleiman Kerimov's problems

    After the transfer of the "Anji" Football Club (FC) to Osman Kadiev, Suleiman Kerimov continued to finance the football team, albeit not in such volumes as during the FC "golden age", the "Caucasian Knot" was told by the Dagestani sports commentators. According to them, then Osman Kerimov completely stopped financing the "Anji" FC, and the authorities of the republic are short of funds to finance the FC.

August 02, 2018 23:10

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