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  • Authorities name gas explosion as the only reason for house collapse in Shakhty

    Contrary to assurances of gas industry professionals that the gas equipment in the collapsed house in the city of Shakhty was in proper order, Vasily Golubev, the head of the Rostov Region, believes that the gas leak was the only version of the explosion. Social network users doubt the official version, recalling the tragedy in Magnitogorsk.

January 14, 2019 19:13

  • 86 people seek help after collapse of house in Shakhty

    This morning, an explosion has occurred in a multi-storey building in the city of Shakhty. Four apartments on the eighth and ninth floors of the residential building are destroyed. One person died, and other seven, including a two-year-old girl who was hospitalized to the regional children's hospital, were rescued from the ruins.

January 14, 2019 11:30

January 13, 2019 12:14

  • Membership of Ingush Mufti in North-Caucasian MCC suspended

    The Muslims' Coordinating Centre (MCC) of Northern Caucasus has suspended the participation of the Mufti of Ingushetia, Isa Khamkhoev, in its activities, urging him to "return to the framework of Sharia norms" and not to interfere in the work of state bodies.

January 11, 2019 15:19

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