Terror acts in Moscow and Caucasus

March 21, 2017 16:02

  • Victims’ defence criticize judgement on Zakaev’s case

    The rights of the victims of the terror act in Dubrovka were not observed during the sentencing of Khasan Zakaev, said the advocates, adding that Zakaev would not be able to pay compensation to the victims in the total amount of 37.5 million roubles.

March 09, 2017 22:48

March 08, 2017 02:54

  • Defendant accused of plotting terror act in Rostov-on-Don admits his guilt

    The North-Caucasian District Military Court considers a case against Arthur Panov, a 19-year-old resident of the town of Krasnodon of the Lugansk Region of Ukraine, and Maxim Smyshlyaev, a resident of Rostov, accused of plotting a terror act. At the trial, Arthur Panov has admitted his guilt in manufacturing and storing of an explosive device and, in part, in plotting of a terror act.

March 06, 2017 13:30

March 02, 2017 14:58

  • Victims’ defence criticizes work of court in case of Dubrovka terror act

    Today, the Moscow Sakharov Centre has started a press conference entitled "White Spots" and dedicated to the Dubrovka terror act. At the opening of the event, the lawyer Karinna Moskalenko said that the press conference would discuss primarily the fates of those who suffered from actions of power agents, who assaulted the theatrical centre.

February 14, 2017 11:50

January 24, 2017 03:59

January 13, 2017 16:46

December 30, 2016 15:51

December 18, 2016 16:02

  • Attack in Grozny becomes fourth militant attack committed on New Year's Eve

    The shootout of December 17 at the centre of Grozny has become at least the fourth since early 2016 and the seventh since early 2015 armed clash between law enforcers and militants in Chechnya. As a result of those seven incidents, 22 people, declared militants, were killed and two others were injured, and 21 law enforcers were wounded. These are the results of the calculations run by the "Caucasian Knot". For the fourth year in a row, in December, in southern regions of Russia, militants declare themselves loud attacks and terror acts.

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Infographics. The statistics of the number of victims in the North Caucasian Federal District regions for the period of 6 years.

Infographics. The statistics of the number of victims in the North Caucasian Federal District regions for the period of 6 years

Over the past six years, from 2010 to early 2016, the number of victims of the armed conflict in the North Caucasus has decreased significantly. A stable tendency for reduction of the number of people killed and injured in the regions of the North Caucasian Federal District is shown in the infographics below, prepared by the "Caucasian Knot" and based on its own data and open sources information. By clicking each figure, you can see distribution of casualties in the center of the circle, divided by categories such as security forces, militants, and civilians.


Firearm incidents and victims in Northern Caucasus

Infographics. Statistics of victims

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