Stavropol Region

October 30, 2018 08:57

October 23, 2018 23:11

  • New Chechen-Ingush borders sharpen problem of disputed Dagestani villages

    The scandalous agreement on the borders between Chechnya and Ingushetia and the creation by Ramzan Kadyrov of a state commission to determine and confirm the administrative border of the republic have actualized the problem of disputed territories in Dagestan and the Stavropol Territory. Observers have expressed their concern about possible conflicts over the lands around Chechnya.

October 23, 2018 13:01

October 11, 2018 17:50

  • Law enforcers release Stavropol activist

    Muslim Suleimanov, a resident of the Stavropol Territory, has been released by law enforcers without any charge brought against him, and his brother Rinat remains detained, report relatives of the activist. The gathering of residents of the Irgakly village, dissatisfied with the detention, has been finished after officials of the Stavropol Territory promised to investigate the situation.

October 10, 2018 18:22

September 22, 2018 12:27

September 19, 2018 14:53

September 18, 2018 23:19

September 17, 2018 15:29

September 15, 2018 08:35

  • Head of Makhachkala customs complains to rights defenders about torture

    Askandar Bilalov, a former acting head of the Makhachkala customs post, has turned to the Committee Against Torture (CAT) with a complaint about torture after his detention in August 2016, stating that over the past two years, fourteen resolutions were passed on his complaint, rights defenders report.

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