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September 22, 2018 17:02

  • Imam Makhmud Velitov asks to replace rest of his sentence with a fine

    Makhmud Velitov, the Imam of the Moscow mosque "Yardyam", has filed to the administration of the penal colony in Astrakhan a motion to replace the remained part of his sentenced with a fine. The defence treats such an option for his release as more favourable than the conditional early relief (CER).

September 20, 2018 14:42

September 19, 2018 19:06

  • Sentenced Imam Makhmud Velitov feels better

    Makhmud Velitov, Imam of the Moscow "Yardyam" mosque, sentenced in the case on the justification of terrorism, is discharged from the hospital and transferred to a penal colony with conditions for inmates with low mobility. This has been reported by the Department for the Astrakhan Region of the Federal Penitentiary Service (known as FSIN).

September 18, 2018 23:19

September 15, 2018 08:17

  • Defence complains about quality of Imam Velitov's treatment

    Makhmud Velitov, the Imam of the Moscow "Yardyam" Mosque, convicted for justifying terrorism, was kept at the Astrakhan City Hospital, chained to the bed; now, he is back at the prison hospital, where they fail to treat his heart problems, but tore off his nails because of fungus, Velitov's advocate has stated.

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