October 21, 2016 07:26

  • Russian Trifonov convicted in Abkhazia for illegal IP-telephony

    The Sukhumi Court has sentenced Vladimir Trifonov to three years and five months in a colony-settlement and a fine of 30,000 roubles for the imputed damage caused to the Abkhazian mobile operator. According to his advocate, the convict will be released from custody on October 25; and he is not going to appeal against the verdict.

October 20, 2016 01:03

October 18, 2016 20:20

October 17, 2016 14:58

  • Authorities treat explosion in Sukhumi as terror act

    The explosion on the territory of the Abkhazian TV and Radio Company was an attempted terror act, said Aslan Kobakhiya, the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Abkhazia. According to the "Nuzhnaya Gazeta", policemen found photos of building located in central streets of Sukhumi on the person, killed by the explosion.

September 27, 2016 15:20

  • Women demand to stop "honour killings" in Abkhazia

    In Abkhazia, after the release of the information about suicide of a young woman from the town of Gudauta, who was allegedly accused of being unfaithful on the basis of SMS, the women's NGOs appealed to the law enforcement authorities with a request to investigate the case. The activists who signed the appeal do not rule out that the incident is a case of so-called "honour killings".

September 22, 2016 00:26

September 20, 2016 02:19

  • Yuri Kokov offers to create unified Adyg writing system

    Today, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR) marks the Circassians' (Adygs') Day. On this occasion, it was declared a day off in the republic. On the eve of the holiday, the 11th Extraordinary Congress of the International Circassian Association (ICA) was held.

August 27, 2016 05:22

August 22, 2016 06:03

August 18, 2016 10:35

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Infographics. The statistics of the number of victims in the North Caucasian Federal District regions for the period of 6 years.

Infographics. The statistics of the number of victims in the North Caucasian Federal District regions for the period of 6 years

Over the past six years, from 2010 to early 2016, the number of victims of the armed conflict in the North Caucasus has decreased significantly. A stable tendency for reduction of the number of people killed and injured in the regions of the North Caucasian Federal District is shown in the infographics below, prepared by the "Caucasian Knot" and based on its own data and open sources information. By clicking each figure, you can see distribution of casualties in the center of the circle, divided by categories such as security forces, militants, and civilians.


Firearm incidents and victims in Northern Caucasus

Infographics. Statistics of victims

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