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October 15, 2020 11:24

  • Analysts argue about aim of Kadyrov's words about militants from abroad

    Kadyrov's words can be treated as an indirect accusation of unprofessionalism of Russian special services, the experts interviewed by the "Caucasian Knot" believe. At the same time, Ruslan Kutaev, President of the Assembly of Caucasian Nations, did not rule out that Moscow allowed Kadyrov to make such a statement, and in the future may use his words in connection with the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

October 14, 2020 11:31

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October 09, 2020 23:48

  • "Akhmat is Power" Arch elevates personality cult of Akhmat Kadyrov

    At the entrance to Grozny, the slogan "Akhmat is Power" on a new arch replaces the Muslim phrase "Allahu Akbar", social networks users note. In Chechnya, so many facilities are named after the Ramzan Kadyrov's father that it is time to rename the republic to Akhmatia, users write in their ironic comments.

October 09, 2020 22:50

  • Business trip of journalist Azar to Nagorno-Karabakh interrupted after Armenia's claims

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Armenia cancelled the accreditation of Ilya Azar, a reporter of the newspaper "Novaya Gazeta", after a report from Shushi and Lachin, which caused a public outcry. This was reported by the journalist himself. The newspaper regarded the Armenian MFA's actions as interference in journalistic activities and interrupted the Ilya Azar's business trip.

October 09, 2020 22:44

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