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  • Grozny residents forced to watch motor races

    On April 14 and 15, in the Chechen capital, the motordrome "Grozny Fortress" hosted the first stage of the Russian series of ring races under the SMP Racing programme for the development of motorsport. Among the spectators there were many public employees, who claimed they were forced to attend the competitions.

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  • Russian fighter Alexander Emelianenko declares himself a fighter of Kadyrov's Club "Akhmat"

    On May 5, in Yekaterinburg, the famous Russian fighter Alexander Emelianenko, who has signed a contract with the RCC Boxing Promotions, will fight a Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga. Emelianenko, known for friendly relations with the head of Chechnya, called the rumours about his quitting the "Akhmat" Club as gossip, stating however that he is a free fighter able to "fight for any organization."

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