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May 25, 2019 10:55

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May 24, 2019 01:35

  • Law enforcers disrupt journalists' protest in Baku

    Policemen have pushed the employees of the edition "Futbol+", who protested against the stop of governmental financing, away from the presidential Administration. Three journalists, who wanted to cover the action of their colleagues, said they were detained and spent three hours at the police station.

May 23, 2019 15:14

May 23, 2019 14:57

May 23, 2019 10:52

  • Azerbaijani oppositionist Salaev tells about torture at police

    Alizamin Salaev, an activist of the Salyan regional organization of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), was released after his third administrative arrest over the last six months. He said that during his second arrest, law enforcers tortured him, knocking out a tooth and damaging his ribs.

May 22, 2019 13:21

May 22, 2019 13:09

May 22, 2019 11:21

  • Armenia concerned about large-scale military exercises in Azerbaijan

    About 10,000 military servicemen are taking part in the exercises, launched on May 20 in Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has reported. In its turn, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has stated that the undeclared exercises violate the commitments to the OSCE.

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