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February 09, 2017 02:05

  • Igor Stenin's defence files complaint to ECtHR

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has received a complaint against the verdict to Igor Stenin, the leader of the movement "Russians of Astrakhan", who is serving his sentence on the charge of public calls for extremism. This was reported by his advocate Natasha Dobreva.

February 08, 2017 21:33

January 27, 2017 02:44

  • Sapiyat Magomedova claims 3.5 million roubles for her criminal prosecution

    The Dagestani lawyer Sapiyat Magomedova, who was accused of using violence against and insulting policemen, went to court claiming compensation for material damage and moral harm, suffered by her because of illegal prosecution. She also demanded to oblige the prosecutor to bring her an official apology on behalf of the state.

January 25, 2017 16:44

January 24, 2017 23:27

December 27, 2016 21:25

  • SHRC put on registry of foreign agents

    The decision to include the Krasnodar-based public organization "Southern Human Rights Centre" (SHRC) on the registry of foreign agents has been made on the outcomes of the check, the Russia's Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has reported.

December 13, 2016 11:04

  • Judge bans video recording of Geriev's trial

    Today, at the Supreme Court (SC) of Chechnya, the presiding judge has restricted the video recording, having treated the trial, which considers the complaint against the verdict to Zhalaudi Geriev, a "Caucasian Knot" correspondent, "a one-man's theatre".

December 10, 2016 01:27

  • Defence explains protraction of Geriev's trial by manipulations with pressure statement

    The court session on the case of Zhalaudi Geriev, a correspondent of the "Caucasian Knot", was not resumed after the break. According to the presiding judge, one of the judges needed medical care. During the break, the brought to the court the original judgement on the refusal to investigate the Geriev's application about his kidnapping and use of violence during investigatory actions; and the defence believes that waiting for this document was the real reason of the delay.

December 03, 2016 14:51

November 14, 2016 20:48

  • Materials of Mardiros Demerchyan's case sent to SC due to communication of ECtHR

    After the complaint of Mardiros Demerchyan about torture at the Sochi police station had been communicated by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), the Russian Supreme Court (SC) requested the materials of the Mardiros Demerchyan's case. The defence of Mardiros Demerchyan again failed to secure the return of the case to prosecutor.

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Infographics. The statistics of the number of victims in the North Caucasian Federal District regions for the period of 6 years.

Infographics. The statistics of the number of victims in the North Caucasian Federal District regions for the period of 6 years

Over the past six years, from 2010 to early 2016, the number of victims of the armed conflict in the North Caucasus has decreased significantly. A stable tendency for reduction of the number of people killed and injured in the regions of the North Caucasian Federal District is shown in the infographics below, prepared by the "Caucasian Knot" and based on its own data and open sources information. By clicking each figure, you can see distribution of casualties in the center of the circle, divided by categories such as security forces, militants, and civilians.


Firearm incidents and victims in Northern Caucasus

Infographics. Statistics of victims

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