January 09, 2019 19:42

January 09, 2019 14:59

January 09, 2019 14:58

  • Handcuffs. Photo: Denis Yakovlev / Yugopolis Residents of Chechnya report detentions while trying to buy alcohol

    On the New Year's Eve, in Chechnya, law enforcers held raids against sellers and buyers of alcoholic beverages; about 20 people were detained, residents of Chechnya report, noting the intensified control over the only shopping centre in Grozny, where alcohol is officially sold.

January 09, 2019 11:36

January 09, 2019 11:34

January 09, 2019 08:29

January 09, 2019 08:25

  • An excavator after shelling. Photo courtesy of the patrol officers of Azerbaijan, collage by the "Caucasian Knot" Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of shelling excavator near the border

    The Armenian Armed Forces shelled a border checkpoint near the village of Kemerli and damaged an excavator belonging to a civilian, the Azerbaijani Frontier Service reported on January 7. The Azerbaijani party rejects the investigation mechanism of border incident, proposed by Armenia, the head of the Armenian General Staff has stated.

January 08, 2019 21:39

  • Isa Khamkhoev. Photo by the Ingush Spiritual Administration of Muslims (SAM) Ingush Mufti invites other Mufties to Ingushetia for explanations

    Against the background of harsh statements of the Muslims' Coordination Centre (MCC) of Northern Caucasus, the Mufti of Ingushetia has invited the MCC members to come to Ingushetia to get acquainted with the situation in the republic, the Ingush Spiritual Administration of Muslims (SAM) has informed.

January 08, 2019 21:31

January 08, 2019 18:28

January 08, 2019 18:27

  • A resident of Chechnya detained after posting video with beating

    After a video with beating of a man had been posted in social networks, the police identified a suspect, reported the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). Local residents and users of social networks criticized the ways of behaviour shown by the participant and witnesses of the fight.


January 08, 2019 17:27

  • Oyub Titiev at the court. December 2018. Photo by Patimat Makhmudova for the "Caucasian Knot" In 2018, rights defenders experienced aggressive persecution in Northern Caucasus

    In 2018, the criminal prosecution of Oyub Titiev in Chechnya, the arson at the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial" office in Nazran, and the attack on Sirazhudin Datsiev in Makhachkala marked a new level of pressure on rights defenders in Northern Caucasus. However, the human rights offices in Ingushetia and Dagestan did not stop their activities, and a campaign was launched in defence of Oyub Titiev.


January 08, 2019 16:15

January 08, 2019 10:59

January 08, 2019 10:53

January 08, 2019 10:45

  • Prisoners and guards in a correctional facility. Photo: Yelena Sineok, Advocate of Chechen native demands to initiate torture case in colony

    Apti Akiev, a native of Chechnya, who is serving his prison term in the Omsk Region, was beaten up while being moved from a correctional facility. When Akiev was convoyed, they lost keys to the handcuffs, as a result, the handcuffs were drilled through, and Akiev received burns. However, an investigator saw no grounds for opening a criminal case.

January 08, 2019 08:35

  • Baku police detain PFPA activists for five hours

    Six members of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) were detained outside the Baku Court of Grave Crimes, when they came to the trial of their arrested comrades. They were released five hours after detention.

January 08, 2019 08:32

  • Saratov activists demand to release of Oyub Titiev

    The participants of the "Strategy-6" picket in Saratov have held the first action in 2019 in support of Russian political prisoners, demanding to liberate Oyub Titiev, the head of the Grozny office of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial".

January 07, 2019 22:10

January 07, 2019 22:05

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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