05 October 2011, 15:00

Tedeev’s supporters report increase of the number of people detained for disturbances in Tskhinvali

The number of arrested supporters of Jambolat Tedeev whose registration as presidential candidate was denied by Central Election Committee on September, 30, makes already over one hundred people, members of Tedeev’s headquarters reported. The prisoners’ relatives joined Tedeev’s supporters who are staying near his house in Tskhinvali.

“They detain these people for hooliganism but they are in fact political prisoners and our major demand is to release them”, Tedeev’s lawyer Mikhail Khanikaev said to the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent.

He thinks that for proper consideration of the situation it is first of all necessary to return to legal framework. “We are hostages of the situation which emerged and we can go back to legal framework only with the help the Russian Federation’s influence upon the events”, Khanikaev says.

Jambolat Tedeev is still staying in his private house in Tskhinvali encircled by members of the top brass together with his supporters. Members of the headquarters report that people concerned about the situation manage to deliver food in spite of encirclement and replenish mobile accounts of members of the headquarters from outside.

Meanwhile, Merab Pukhaev, commander of riot squad of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of South Osetia, in reply to the question whether Tedeev’s house was cordoned off said that there was nothing of the kind. “Tedeev put several tens women as a human shield round his house and does interviews for the Georgian journalists hiding himself behind their backs. The point is that we are ready to provide him with guard ourselves for the community is more and more insistent demanding Tedeev’s banishment out of the republic”, “Res” media agency quotes Pukhaev.

Source: CK correspondent

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September 16, 2019 22:57

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