03 October 2011, 20:00

Arrests of Jambolat Tedeev's supporters going on in South Osetia

A confrontation between representatives of the authorities and supporters of Jambolat Tedeev, Chief Trainer of freestyle wrestling combined team of the Russian Federation, who have gathered around his house is lasting for already the third day. In Tedeev's district electoral headquarters the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told that arrests of his supporters were going on. 

Earlier, the "Caucasian Knot" reported that Central Election Committee refused Tedeev's registration explaining that he had not lived in the territory of South Osetia for the last ten years. Tedeev thinks that the authorities deliberately altered electoral legislation in order not to let him take part in the election which will be held on November, 13. Discontent of Tedeev's supporters with the Committee's decision resulted in arrests and confrontation with law enforcement bodies. 

As of today about one thousand citizens of the republic gathered round the house of Chief Trainer of freestyle wrestling combined team of the Russian Federation in Tskhinval. But as soon as any of the unauthorized presidential candidate's supporters steps away from the house the person is arrested by the personnel of law enforcement bodies, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told in Tedeev's electoral headquarters.  

"Tedeev's supporters stand in a pelting rain and spend the nights right in the house or anywhere near. Two tents were set for the rest where all comers may stay overnight and keep the rain out. Sympathizers bring food to the strikers and distribute hot drinks", we were told in the headquarters. 

Units of the members of the top brass are standing guard not far from Tedeev's house. The people in the headquarters do not rule out that the house may be taken by storm. 

According to Tedeev himself, during the night of October, 2, the number of his detained supporters increased, there were already about 90 of them. Earlier, Tedeev's headquarters reported that on October, 1, 25 people were detained near his house, 20 of them arrested. Lawyers and relatives were not allowed to visit them. However, Eldar Kokoev, Prosecutor General of South Osetia, declared that only five persons were detained, two of them arrested for a fifteen-days term.

There are no comments from law enforcement bodies yet concerning the arrests going on and a possibility of a storm today. 

Source: CK correspondent

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