Relatives of convicted Dagestani Magomed Khazamov report his convoying to Moscow

Magomed Khazamov, convicted for keeping ammunition and drugs, has been brought to a Mos... More

20.02 / 10:23
Method of curing Kadyrov bewilders Internet users

Ramzan Kadyrov's words about droppers against influenza have surprised social network u... More

20.02 / 10:21
Belidji residents report about situation during CTO

The counterterrorist operation (CTO) legal regime in the Derbent District is lifted. Th... More

19.02 / 23:49
Man killed in CTO zone in Dagestan

A militant who was plotting a terror act was killed during a shootout with law enforcer... More

19.02 / 23:48
Law enforcers report shootout in Derbent District of Dagestan

A shootout occurred in the village of Belidji, where in one of the houses law enforcers... More

19.02 / 22:55


KBR's authorities ignore appeals of "Volny Aul" villagers

Activists of the "Volny Aul" (Free Village) failed to receive any response from the rep... More

20.02 / 15:56
Prosecutor treats guilt of five residents of Ingushetia of plotting terror acts proved

The prosecutor asked the court to recognize Salamkhan Sampiev, Ruslan Esmurziev, Khusen... More

20.02 / 15:48
Azerbaijani oppositionist arrested for 30 days

Rovshan Guliev, a member of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), detained in h... More

20.02 / 11:20
Azerbaijan claims shelling of two villages in the conflict zone

The positions of the Azerbaijani Army were shelled for 29 times, including those statio... More

20.02 / 11:17
Prosecutor requests real prison terms for three defendants in PFPA case in Azerbaijan

Three defendants in the case of financing the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) ... More

20.02 / 10:26

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