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Dec 31, 2014 17:32

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The official return of Caucasians to the Russian Army is understood as an explicit desire of the authorities to show that the Caucasus is a part Russia, like any other region: autumn conscripts from Chechnya and Dagestan went to take their service in the Crimea and the Far East. Similar objectives were pursued by the organizers of the "Caucasian March", which was held in Moscow on November 4, on the National Unity Day.The user with the nick Alan alanovskiy is sure that such actions are related to the desire of supreme authorities to minimize the risks of interethnic conflict in the country, but he sees no practical sense in them: "In my opinion, everyone should understand that without a signal from the Kremlin such marches could not be held in the current situation in the country; moreover, the organizers were pro-governmental, and it is clear – organizations funded by the state. I cannot judge the organizers and the participants of such events. For me, as a native of the Caucasus, the practical aim and meaning of them are not clear. Well, they gathered one day, well, they marched, and what? It does not mean that representatives of the natives of the Caucasus can go out into the street one day and dance their dance – lezginka. In the best case, they will be accused of inciting interethnic hatred and violation of public order. Now, the authorities are trying to win the trust and support of the Caucasian youth through such events. Because now authorities find it unprofitable to have, as it was some time ago, a strong dissociation and hostility at the international level of Russian citizens. After the events in Ukraine, the Kremlin's policy has changed radically, its current goals and plans have also changes. While prior to the Maydan, the main Russia's problem was in the Caucasus and Caucasians, now they want the Caucasus to became a part of Russia, in which case young men of Caucasian origin, same as their peers from Northern Caucasus could be used anywhere in hot spots – to defend the interests of the Kremlin."The user siminer believes that such actions are necessary and useful, even if they are initiated by the authorities: "Alan Alanovsky, even if this event was organized by someone from the top, still it's good that it took place, IMHO (in my humble opinion). Muscovites will get used to the idea that Caucasians are theirs, theirs, more than Ukrainians, who hate Muscovites. And if it is the policy of the Kremlin, as you write, so this is great... The practical goal is clear, the sense too: Caucasians are not aliens in Russia. Why don't you like it?"The user with the nick Mohmad considers the "Caucasian March" as a healthy alternative to the "Russian March", which gathers supporters of nationalistic viewpoints: "I think they were good guys who went there; they danced and had fun there from there heart, while skanky guys throw their hands up to the sky showing the moral decay of all the values, which they call the 'Russian World', Caucasians have demonstrated who are patriots in this country; and there's no need to associate it with support of power: authorities come and go, but the country remains."The user nice.konan is less optimistic, and believes that such festivals and marches have more populism than real action: "It is much easier once a year to celebrate unity and friendship, than invest, on a daily basis and constantly, into education and development! Hypocrisy is beyond scale!"The greatest number of votes was scored by the comment of the user with the nick Maktub, who states that the National Unity Day has not become a nationwide holiday in Russia; and he does not see such day in the future:"Most of those who celebrate and those who don't, do not even know the meaning of the holiday. Yes, and it bothers nobody. And we all know how they gather crowds in squares. Thus, there's no need of 'bla-bla'. There was and there is no unity. The eastern proverb says: 'You may say 'halva' many times, but it won't become sweeter in your mouth."

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