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Lekishvili, Niko Mikhaylovich

Georgian politician and statesman, deputy of the Parliament, former State Minister of Georgia.

Born April 20, 1947, in Tbilisi. Studied in Railroad School No. 7 of Tbilisi. In 1971, graduated from Georgian Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Heat and Energy Engineering (High Temperature Physics); in 1988, graduated from Economy Academy of Moscow.

In 1971 and 1972, worked in Georgian Polytechnic Institute as scientific associate and senior scientific associate of the High Temperature Physics Department. In 1972 and 1973, was the instructor of Tbilisi City Komsomol Committee. In 1973 and 1974, occupied the position of the secretary and the first secretary of the Pervomaysky District Komsomol Committee in Tbilisi. In 1974 thru 1977, was the secretary and the first secretary of Tbilisi City Komsomol Committee.

From 1977 till 1990, occupied supervising positions in party and soviet bodies. From 1977 till 1989, was the second and the first secretary of Party Committee of Pervomaysky District of Tbilisi and the chairman of the executive committee of the same district. From 1989 till 1990, worked in the Party Committee of the city of Tbilisi: as a second secretary and the first secretary.

Since 1990, was the chairman of the City Executive Committee of Tbilisi.

In 1990 and 1991, was the deputy of the Supreme Council of Georgia.

In late 1990, founded a company Galo. G.M. Co Ltd, which merged with Kavkasioni Co Ltd. in 1991. In 1993, the company reorganized into Coca Cola Bottlers' Georgia. Starting 1994, the official management of the company was given to the Lekishvili family.

From January till November 1992, was the senior state advisor of Ministry Cabinet of Georgian Republic.

From November 1992 till November 1995, was the member of the Parliament of Georgia.

From September till October 1993, was the representative of the Prime Minister of Georgia.

From October 1993 till December 1995, occupied the position of Tbilisi's Mayor. From January till March 1995, also was acting Prime Minister of Tbilisi Municipality.

From December 1995 till July 1998, was the State Minister of Georgia.

After the Georgian Cabinet resignation in July 1998, returned to parliamentary activities.

As a today member of Georgian Parliament, is a deputy and participates in the work of the Regional Politics and Local Government Committee. One of the leaders of Georgia's Citizens' Union.

Married, two daughters.

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