28 June 2008, 10:43

MPs of Chechnya vote for their self-dissolution

On June 27, at their joint session, deputies of both chambers of Chechen parliament have voted for their self-dissolution. The work of the first convocation of the parliament will continue till the election of new deputies to take place, possibly, this October.

According to Dukvakhi Abdurakhmanov, speaker of the National Assembly of Chechnya, the parliament has considers a four-year development plan of the Republic, and the deputies took part in forming the national budget for three years.

"Therefore, we decided to declare our self-dissolution right now, to have the new parliament elected already in October, and to have the legislative power in place for five years into the future," the RIA "Novosti" quotes the speaker as saying.

In Abdurakhmanov's opinion, today the gaps in legislation that will exist till the new parliament can be somehow covered by the presidential power by means of presidential decrees.

The decision of Chechen MPs to switchover to a single-chamber parliament is viewed by experts as a desire "to become like all around" and to designate the end of the first phase of normalizing the situation in the Republic. All the Republics of Russia have single-chamber parliaments, and now Chechnya will get such.

Let us note here that the parliament's self-dissolution statement was no sensation in the Republic. In the opinion of many residents, the legislative power in Chechnya was a sort of "appendix" to the executive power concentrated in Ramzan Kadyrov's hands.

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