19 July 2007, 11:21

Azerbaijan: Armenians are accused of destroying historical monuments

Armenians have erased ancient inscriptions and pictures from the walls of the "Sary Musa" sanctuary in the Hachyntyurbetli village of the occupied Agdam District. Instead, they pictures crosses and inscriptions in the Armenian language.

This news was reported to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent by Dilaver Azimli, Candidate of Historical Sciences and scientific collaborator of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA). According to his story, a total of 1650 monuments of Azerbaijani culture have been destroyed from the onset of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict:

"Many monuments of Azerbaijani architecture - a mosque in Shusha, Mausoleum Shakh-Babur, Shyhlar village, Yagub Tomb in Babek village of the Fizulinskiy District and many others - have been destroyed by Armenian armed formations."

Besides, according to the historian, not only historical monuments, but also Azerbaijani cemeteries in the Armenia are subject to destruction:

"Armenians are purposefully destroying everything related to Azerbaijani culture and Islamic religion. In Armenia and in occupied territories they erase gravestone inscriptions in Muslim cemeteries and break down mourning frames. The occupied Karabakh territories of Azerbaijan house 127 monuments of ancient Albanian culture referred to the 13th century; Armenians turn them into Armenian monuments, and instead of traditional Christian crosses they erect their khachkars atop the temples."

Author: Zaur Rasulzade, CK correspondent;

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