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Bregvadze, Nani Georgievna

Famous Georgian singer.

Born in 1938 in Tbilisi. Originates from a musician and artistic family: her father was an actor; great-grandmother and aunt were professional singers; her mother, her five sisters, and her brother sang in an excellent band. Still being a little girl, Nani used to sing Kalinka, Karavan, and other old Russian songs and romances accompanied by a guitar.

Upon finishing a music school, Nani Bregvadze entered a music college. In 1957, she became a laureate at the World Youth and Student Festival. At that time, Nani sang with an amateur orchestra of the State Polytechnic Institute.

Upon graduating from the music college, Nani Bregvadze became a student of Tbilisi State Conservatoire named after V. Saradjishvili, Piano Class (1958-1963).

Nani started singing in Tbilisi State Orchestra Rero of the Georgian State Philharmonic. One of her strongest impressions of the time was the tour to Paris with Moscow Music Hall in 1964. Nani for the first time performed in the world-known L'Olympia hall. Upon return from Paris, she was invited to join Orera band, in which she was as soloist for 15 years.

In 1980, Nani Bregvadze started doing solo concerts. She still tours many countries of the world. Her repertoire consists of hundreds of widely known and popular songs and romances. Many of them appeared in the singer's records: Nani Bregvadze Singing (1971), Orera Band (1973), Romance, Romance (1995 CD), Concert in New York City (1997), and others. She has performed in soundtracks to many musical and fiction movies: Veri Neighborhood Melodies (directed by G. Shengelaya, music by G. Tsabadze, lyrics by M. Potskhishvili), Encounter in the Mountains (directed by N. Sanishvili, music by R. Lagidze, lyrics by P. Gruzinsky), Shores (directed by G. Lordkipanidze, music by B. Kvernadze), Flooding (directed by G. Mgeladze, music by A. Kereselidze), Light in the Window (directed by G. Mgeladze, music by J. Kakhidze), The Warmth of Your Hands (directed by S. Managadze, music by R. Lagidze), and Teksel (directed by S. Managadze, music by R. Lagidze); she also acted and sang in the films: Orera, Go Forward! (directed by Z. Kakabadze), Baker's Wife (directed by Z. Kakabadze), and Necklace for My Loved One (directed by T. Abuladze).

Nani Bregvadze is a National Artist (Narodnaya artistka) of the USSR (1983), National Artist of Georgia (1974), Honored Artist (Zasluzhennaya artistka) of Georgia (1968), Georgia State Prize Winner (1998), awarded the order of Honor of Georgia (orden Pocheta Gruzii) (1997), honored citizen of the city of Tbilisi (1995), city of Benalmadena (Spain, 1996), and other cities. On May 26, 2000, she became a Shota Rustaveli Prize Winner.

In 1997, N.G. Bregvadze created and headed the Nani Company, whose mission is to support beginning singers of Georgia, as well as organize foreign performers' tours in Georgia. Nani Bregvadze is a member of Women for Peace Association, Metekhi Women Club, and used to be a member of the Soviet Woman Society.

Married, daughter, three grandchildren. Her daughter ? Mamaladze, Eka (Ekaterina) Merabovna (b. 1960) ? is a popular singer in Georgia, performs and records a lot.

Hobbies: reading, classical music, 1940s music soviet and American movies, yoga.

Nani Bregvadze lives and works in Tbilisi.

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