Galina Tikhenko holds solo picket, Volgograd, December 31, 2018. Photo by Tatiana Filimonova for the Caucasian Knot

01 January 2019, 01:50

Volgograd picketers present French protests as example to authorities

On December 31, six activists held a rally "Strategy 31" in Volgograd, at which they demanded the freedom of assembly and reduction of social tension, recalling that protesters in Paris had achieved the fulfilment of their demands.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that activists of the "Strategy-31" had repeatedly held solo pickets in Volgograd. They insist on the enforcement of Article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which stipulates the citizens' right to peaceful assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets.

On December 31, in Volgograd, solo pickets were held by activists Toma Grodnikova, Natalia Dorozhnova, Vladimir Vasilchenko, Galina Tikhenko, Vladimir Telpuk and Olga Karpukhnova. They held posters "Article 31 of the Constitution states: citizens have the right to hold, peacefully, without weapons, meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets"; "The poor are growing poorer; the rich are growing richer", the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent reports.

At his picket, Vladimir Telpuk stood a poster "I want it like in Paris!" "We believe that workers in Paris achieved fulfilment of their demands by peaceful means. And Russian citizens also have the right to live in prosperity. We demand that the minimum wage be increased, the increase in gasoline prices and taxes that they are trying to pull from us from the New Year are cancelled," he explained to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

This article was originally published on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’ on December 31, 2018 at 06:01 pm MSK. To access the full text of the article, click here.

Author: Tatiana Filimonova; Source: CK correspondent

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