08 April 2003, 20:03

Bauchiev, Aubekir Djumukovich

A prominent statesman and public figure of Karachayevo-Cherkessia, WWII and Labor Veteran (veteran Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyny i truda).

A.D. Bauchiev was born April 9, 1912, in the village of Teberda, in a family of a peasant. In 1938, upon graduating from a rural seven-year school, studied in a pedagogic college and worked at school as a teacher after that. In 1933, appointed a vice principal of a pedagogic department. In 1933-1937, served in the Russian Communist Red Army, at the same time undergoing distant-learning studied of Ordjonikidze Pedagogic Institute, History Department, from which he graduated with honors in 1940. Since then, worked as a director of Mikoyan-Shakharsky Medical College, later headed the Education Department of Karachay Region Executive Committee. In 1941, went to the front as a volunteer and courageously fought with the Nazi intruders until 1944. Having graduated from Artillery College, served a deputy commander of a squadron. In 1944, Bauchiev, a then captain, as a representative of a subject-to-repression nationality, was demobilized from the Soviet Army.

Bauchiev's merit in Karachay nation rehabilitation is enormous. After the Decree of the USSR Supreme Council Presidium on reinstating the Karachay nation autonomy, was appointed the first deputy chairman of the Karachayevo-Cherkessian Region Executive Committee and worked in this position until 1960. In 1960-1962, was the president of Karachayevo-Cherkessian State Pedagogic Institute (now a University). In 1963, was appointed editor-in-chief of the Region Radio Broadcasting Committee, and in July 1964 ? editor-in-chief of the newspaper Leninni bayrag'y (now K'arachay). In 1973, became a privileged pensioner, but continued working for sixteen more years (1973-1989) as an editor in a regional publishing house. Was a member of the Journalist Union, actively published in the local press, wrote and published a book about Said Khalilov, a revolutionary movement leader in Karachay.

For the battle exploits during the WWII, Bauchiev was awarded the first-degree order of the Great Patriotic War (orden Otechestvennoy voyny 1-oy stepeni), the Courage medal (medal "Za otvagu"), and other. His labor merits are awarded with two Distinction Sign orders (orden "Znak pocheta"), the Labor Merit medal (medal "Za trudovuyu doblest"), and other. Deceased on August 2, 2002, at the age of 90.

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