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22 January 2018, 02:55

On January 15-21, 2018, two persons fell victim to armed conflict in Northern Caucasus

During the week of January 15-21, 2018, two persons were killed in the armed conflict in Northern Caucasus. No wounded were reported. These are the results of the calculations run by the "Caucasian Knot" based on its own materials and information from other open sources.

The death toll includes a suspected member of the armed underground in Dagestan and a civilian in North Ossetia.

Attacks on law enforcers

On January 15, near a house in the city of Kaspiysk, law enforcers stopped a man to check his ID. In response to the policemen's request, the man opened fire on them and was killed in a shootout. He was preliminary identified as Alexei (Ali) Omaev. According to a source from the law enforcement bodies, the man was a member of an illegal armed formation (IAF). He had a pistol, ammunition and a grenade with him. The man had earlier criminal record under the articles "Robbery" and "Deliberate infliction of serious harm to health". He was also suspected of aiding and abetting militants, illegal trafficking in weapons and recruiting young people for the ISIL banned in Russia. According to a brother of the killed suspect, 45-year-old Alexei Omaev could not attack the policemen, since he was Category II Invalid and moved with difficulties, since he "was half paralyzed."

Attacks on civilians

On January 18, the charred body of Magomed Mamatov, a resident of Ingushetia, was found in Beslan in North Ossetia. He disappeared in last August. Earlier, relatives and friends of Magomed Mamatov rejected the version of his kidnapping and murder for money. Magomed Mamatov himself was not involved in crimes or extremism. He ran a small business.


On January 8, Aminat Avturkhanova was taken away from her mother's house in the village of Verkhniy Naur in the Nadterechny District of Chechnya. At present, she is being kept at the police station. The woman has not contacted her family members since her detention. Her husband Zelimkhan Djabaev was on the list of 27 residents of Chechnya, who, according to the newspaper "Novaya Gazeta", were executed in January 2017. Aminat Avturkhanova was searching for him. On September 6, 2017, the woman was kept at the police station for about 12 hours with her baby. Later, her parents began to get threats. On January 18, Ruslan Alkhanov, Chechen Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA), responded to a request about Aminat Avturkhanova that the woman stayed at home, reported Russia's Ombudsperson Tatiana Moskalkova. According to her, she spoke on the phone with Aminat Avturkhanova, who said she was detained, but then the police examined the details of the situation and she was released. Tatiana Moskalkova asked Chechen Ombudsman Nurdi Nukhazhiev to visit Aminat Avturkhanova and to ascertain her return home.

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August 18, 2018 08:23

  • Former head of Dagestani Diaspora in Minvody detained

    Magomed Rashidov, a former head of the regional ethnic and cultural autonomy of Dagestani nations in the city of Mineralnye Vody (Minvody), was detained in Moscow on suspicion of involvement in organized crime and links with Sagid Murtazaliev.

August 18, 2018 08:17

  • Kadyrov pays 100,000 roubles to his son's opponent who lost the fight

    The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, organized another children's fight in Grozny, having paid 100,000 roubles to an 11-year-old kickboxer from Kabardino-Balkaria for a loss in a fight with his son. Users of social networks indicated the difference in opponents' weight categories, which was in favour of Kadyrov's son.

August 17, 2018 21:08

  • Thousands come to support Pashinyan in Yerevan

    Supporters of Nikol Pashinyan from different regions of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh gathered for a many-thousand-strong rally in Yerevan to sum up the outcomes of the first hundred days of the new power. The action began under enhanced security measures.

August 17, 2018 20:55

  • Putin nominates candidates for heads of Dagestan and Ingushetia

    The Russian President has forwarded to the parliaments of Dagestan and Ingushetia lists of candidates for the posts of the leaders of these regions, including Vladimir Vasiliev, the acting head of Dagestan, and Yunus-Bek Evkurov, the current head of Ingushetia.

August 17, 2018 20:47

  • Chechen authorities tell about awarding 10,000 schoolchildren the title "Kadyrov Youngster"

    The ceremony of dedicating 520 children to "Kadyrov Youngsters", held on August 16, continued the trend of a rapid growth of the children's and youth organization, in which now every fourth Chechen pupil is a member, the republic's Ministry of Education has reported. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who spoke at the solemn ceremony, called the members of the organization to be the cadre reserve of the local power.

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