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14 November 2017, 18:09

In Kabardino-Balkaria, a woman accused of killing her newborn baby

In Kabardino-Balkaria, a woman from the village of Kishpek has confessed to killing her son. The woman has explained her act by her difficult financial situation. This has been reported by the Prosecutor's Office.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on January 18, a body of a newborn boy was found in a dump. Hypothermia was mentioned as the cause of his death.

While searching for the mother of the child, investigators took DNA samples from nearly 1500 women.

According to the investigators, in January, without contacting doctors, a 32-year-old woman gave birth to a child in an unheated utility room of her house in the Baksan District. The woman did not want to raise the child. She wrapped her newborn son in a plastic bag and left him at the place where he was born, reports the website of the General Prosecutor's Office.

The child's body was brought to the dump together with the garbage. On January 18, the dead body of the child was discovered by a local resident. The woman stated that she already had three young children, including a disabled child. The woman may face up to five years of imprisonment.

Full text of the article is available on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’.

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March 20, 2018 21:06

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