08 May 2003, 13:59

Khodzhaly-kedabeck culture

Archeologic culture of East and Central Transcaucasia of the epoch of late bronze and early iron (XIII - VII centuries up to A.D.). The name given after the first finds of monuments near villages of Khodzhaly and Kedabeck in Azerbaijan.

The Khodzhaly-kedabeck culture is investigated basically on burials - earth tombs, stone boxes, barrows with burial places in writhing, extended and a sitting position, sometimes with burnt corpses. In the tombs bronze products were found: swords, poleaxes, maces, arrows, pitchforks, tips of copies, boilers and jugs, bits, belt sets decorated with the hunting and mythological stages. A various beads from a glass, a cornelian and bones, stone vessels and many clay, various forms, blackpolished with a carved ornament (images of animals, stages of a hunt, astral marks etc.) were found. At the late stage of the Khodzhaly-kedabeck culture development there were iron products - spears, knifes, daggers, etc. Settlements, including fortificated ones, were discovered. Tribes of the Khodzhaly-kedabeck culture were engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding, metallurgy was advanced. Communications with the next tribes were supported. There are reasons to suppose that tribes of the Khodzhaly-kedabeck culture were the remote ancestors of modern peoples of Transcaucasia.

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