11 December 2012, 20:30

Photos and distinguishing marks of the man suspected of Gekkiev’s murder posted on the web-site of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Kabardino-Balkaria

Law enforcement officers in Kabardino-Balkaria have been seeking for Zeitun Boziev, supposed murderer of TV journalist Kazbek Gekkiev, for suspicion of participation in a paramilitary group. His distinguishing marks and a photo were placed at the web-site of the Ministry. After the death of leaders of local armed underground Boziev was one of the main candidates to replace them”, “Commersant” reports referring to its own sources.

It should be reminded that Kazbek Gekkiev, broadcaster of STRC “Kabardino-Balkaria”, aged 28, was killed in the evening of December, 5. According to the web-site of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Kabardino-Balkaria, the suspect of the murder is a resident of Nalchik, of 170-180 cm height, thin body type, dark hair, black eyes, thick lips and a three-cornered chin. It is also mentioned on the web-site that he has a federal wanted notice and is on his own recognizance as preventive punishment.

“Commersant” reports that the personnel of law enforcement bodies of KBR started seeking for Zeitun Boziev last year when he violated his undertaking not to leave (he was considered the gunmen’s accomplice then) and went to the forest. There he joined the group of Shamil Ulbashev appointed chief of Nalchik branch of the underground by leader of North-Caucasian gunmen Doku Umarov.

At the end of this September Ulbashev and other emirs: Ruslan Batyrbekov, Zalim Tutov and Arthur Karkaev were killed in a special operation in Nalchik and Zeitun Boziev became one of the main candidates for the position of the leader of KBR gunmen.

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March 24, 2019 10:37

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