01 March 2013, 16:00

Chechnya presents its resort "Veduchi"

The Itum-Kalin District of Chechnya has held a broad-scale presentation of the alpine ski resort "Veduchi" with participation of famous athletes from nine countries.

On February 26, the solemn opening ceremony of the resort took place on the northern slope of Daneduk Mount, where a ski route was made specifically for the ceremony and ski jumps were installed. The show ended with a torch march of 180 athletes.

Meanwhile, so far, the "Veduchi" resort exists only as a project. The village, near which the resort is being built, is 80 km off Grozny. The road to the village is just under construction. So far, the resort can be reached only along a narrow mountain road paved with gravel and passable only by off-roaders and jeeps. The guests were brought to the venue in military trucks, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent reports.

"Veduchi is in the border zone; and to get there, a special permit is needed, if a tourist in not a local resident. It would be better to build several factories instead, for people to have jobs and earn money," said Rizvan, a local resident.

"Resorts, entertainment centres, complexes of high-scrapers, mosques, restaurants, fuelling stations and markets are the favourite list of object that our leaders are fond of building. However, today people need jobs to earn money, not to spend it," said one of local observers, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Author: Muslim Ibragimov, Alexander Ivanov; Source: CK correspondents

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