08 November 2012, 13:15

About 20 people took part in an action for closing the Museum of Soviet occupation in Tbilisi

About twenty persons laid flowers at the memorial to Alexander Pushkin during an action of a non-governmental organization “The Earth is our home”. The action was held in support of closing the Museum of occupation of Georgia, Head of NGO “The Earth is our home” Elgudzba Khodeli declared.

The exposition of the Museum presenting 3 thousand exhibits and materials connected with the period when Georgia was part of the USSR became full-function since May, 26, 2011.

“The Museum of Soviet occupation of Georgia must be closed because it is one of the factors irritating the community and preventing improvement of relations with Russia. If this Museum is so important for Saakashvili why then not open museums of occupation of Byzantium, the Arabs, the Mongolians, the Turkmens or the Ottomans? Yes, many of them no longer exist on the political map and it would be somewhat out of place to open museums of occupation of these countries. Then why should there be a museum of the Soviet Union that does not exist either?!”, Khodeli declared.

Concurrently with the action collection of the population’s signatures and filling in questionnaires was held on November, 7. The participants of the survey were suggested to answer the questions: “Do you wish good relationship to be re-established between Georgia and Russia?” and “Do you wish the Museum of Soviet occupation to be closed?”. 

According to Elgudzba Khodeli, such questionnaires will be spread not only in Tbilisi but in the regions of the country, too. “Within the nearest weeks we will issue a statement on the results of the survey and collection of signatures. We are also going to recite poems by Russian poets against the background of the Museum of occupation next week”, Khodeli said.

Passers-by who signed the questionnaire joined the action. “I want very much the relations between Georgia and Russia to normalize. I wish we could go to Russia and work there without problems”, Vakhtang Mchedlishvili declared.

Author: Edita Badasyan; Source: CK correspondent

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