South Ossetia celebrates its Republic's Day. Tskhinvali residents at a military parade, September 20, 2012. Photo by Ekaterina Pukhaeva, IA "Res",

20 September 2012, 23:30

South Ossetia celebrates Independence Day

Today, on September 20, the republic of South Ossetia began celebrating of the 22nd anniversary of the Republic's Day. Tskhinvali hosted a military parade to honour the holiday.

The military parade was held in Theatre Square, and the parade squads of the republic's forces and Russian military troops passed in front of the tribune with the leaders of the republic. The audience was addressed by Leonid Tibilov, the Republic's President, and he noted that "exactly 22 years ago, the session of the Soviet of People's Deputies in South Ossetia adopted a truly momentous, bold political and legal act, consistent with the fundamental norms of the international law, pronounced a sovereign republic." The audience paid a one minute's silence tribute to honour the memory of all persons, who died for the freedom and independence of South Ossetia.

Besides, today, Tskhinvali opened the Russian Centre for Science and Culture at the representative office of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation ("Rossotrudnichestvo") in the Republic of South Ossetia. According to Georgy Muradov, Deputy Chief of the "Rossotrudnichestvo", the Centre will have a library of Russian and children's literature, a computer class, a class of the Russian language, and a dance club, the news agency "Res" reports.

On September 19, Tskhinvali hosted the solemn meeting of the leaders and the public of the republic, dedicated to the Independence Day. The educational institutions conducted lessons and lectures of history, where public figures and politicians told children about the statehood of South Ossetian. This evening, Theatre Square is to host a concert with the participation of artistic groups and the Krasnodar brass band, the Radio Station "Echo of the Caucasus" reports.

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