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Alieva, Fazu Gamzatovna

National Poetess (Narodnaya poetessa) of Dagestan.

Born December 5, 1932 in a village of Ginichutl, Khunzakhsky County, in a family of a military man. In 1950, graduated from Araninskaya high school. After graduation, worked as a teacher in the school for four years.

In 1954, entered Dagestan Female Pedagogic Institute.

In 1955, quit the Pedagogic Institute and entered Moscow Literary Institute named after A.M. Gorky.

In 1962, after graduation, started working as an editor in Daguchpedgiz publishing house.

In 1971, was appointed the editor-in-chief of Woman of Dagestan magazine, where she works today.

Authored over 70 poetic and prosaic books. Was a member of the Writer Union of the USSR.

All the way through her career, took active part in the social life of the Republic and the country. Was elected a deputy of the Dagestan ASSR Supreme Council of four convocations, was a deputy chairman of the Supreme Council for 15 years, since 1971, has been a chairwoman of Dagestani Committee for Peace and the Dagestan branch of the Soviet Peace Foundation, has been a member of the World Peace Council since 1971.

Was awarded two orders of Honor Sign (orden Znak Pochyota), two orders of Friendship of Nations (orden Drzhby Narodov), gold medal of the Soviet Peace Foundation, medal "Peace Warrior" (medal "Bortsu za mir") of the Soviet Peace Committee, and jubilee medal of the World Peace Council. Possesses numerous friendship signs of other countries.

In 1967, F.G. Alieva was named the National Poetess of Dagestan.

In 1994, F.G. Alieva was elected the chairwoman of the Woman Union of the Republic of Dagestan.

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