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17 November 2011, 22:30

Armenian court sentences businessman accused of paedophilia to 15 years of imprisonment

The court of general jurisdiction of the Lori Region (Armenia) pronounced the verdict against Serob Ter-Pogosyan, the major businessman, ex-Adviser to the Prime Minister, accused of sexual acts against minors. Serob Ter-Pogosyan was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment.

The "Caucasian Knot" reported that Serob Ter-Pogosyan, the 69-year-old US citizen, the owner of the Corporation "Metal Prince", ex-Adviser to the Prime Minister of Armenia, had been arrested on February 9.

He was charged under Paragraph 3 Part 2 of Article 139 of the Criminal Code of Armenia ("sexual assault committed against minors") and Part 3 of the same Article ("sexual assault committed against victims less than 14 years of age). The defendant denied his involvement in sexual assaults.

All court sessions were held behind closed doors. The trial had interrogated at least eight victims. Video records were attached to the case, and Serob Ter-Pogosyan and the victims did not deny that they were shot at that video and that their relationships had been of sexual nature.

The court sentenced Ter-Pogosyan to the maximum penalty stipulated by the law - 15 years of imprisonment.

Position of Serob Ter-Pogosyan and his representatives is still unavailable.

Author: Lilit Ovanisyan; Source: CK correspondent

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