12 April 2011, 23:50

In March, 68 persons were killed in armed conflict in Northern Caucasus

In March, at least 96 people were killed and wounded in the armed conflict in Northern Caucasus: 68 of them were killed and at least 27 injured. These are the results of calculations made by the "Caucasian Knot" based on its own materials and information from other open sources.

The list of casualties includes 50 persons announced by the authorities as members of the armed underground, 11 law enforcers, 5 civilians, one state official and one former serviceman. The list of injured persons looks as follows: at least 19 power agents, 3 suspected militants and 5 civilians, including 2 deputies.

During the first month of spring, Northern Caucasus saw 13 terror acts and explosions, and at least 25 armed clashes. Law enforcers managed to prevent two terror acts. Six times the counterterrorist operation (CTO) regime was announced in North-Caucasian republics.

The air strike on the camp of the armed underground in Ingushetia may be regarded to be the largest military operation in March. According to the latest data from the law enforcement bodies, 21 militants were liquidated in that bombing.

Six terror acts and explosions were committed in March in Dagestan, three in Kabardino-Balkaria, one in Ingushetia and three in Moscow. There were no casualties, but two persons were injured in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR): a garbage collector in the marketplace in Prokhladny and a suspected militant in Nalchik, who failed in assembling his bomb.

Nine armed clashes were registered within the month in Dagestan, same number in the KBR, six - in Ingushetia and one - in Chechnya. 35 persons were lost in them: 29 suspected militants and 6 power agents. 19 persons were wounded in combat clashes in Northern Caucasus: 17 law enforcers and militaries and two suspected rebels.

The legal regime of counterterrorist operation (CTO) was introduced four times in Dagestan, once in Ingushetia, and once in Chechnya.

In March, seven attempts on lives of law enforcers were undertaken: five of them occurred in Dagestan, one in Ingushetia and one in Chechnya. As a result, five power agents were killed, and one received a stab wound.

Three attacks on civilians were undertaken in Dagestan: four peaceful citizens were killed and two more wounded.

Three attempts on state officials were undertaken: one of them - an assistant of the Head of the Federal Tax Service for Dagestan - was lost; in two other cases, also in Dagestan, two deputies were wounded; one deputy lost his brother.

Last month, four persons were kidnapped in Northern Caucasus. Two of them disappeared in Chechnya, one in Dagestan and one in Ingushetia. In particular, Magomed Taisumov, a close relative of the Yamadaev family and former chief of staff of the GRU's special-purpose battalion "Vostok" was kidnapped in Chechnya. He was later found murdered.

Besides, one policeman, a riot police agent, was mistakenly wounded by a soldier of the Russian Internal Troops in the counterterrorist operation to search for militants in the Dagestani village of Gubden.

Most people were killed in Ingushetia - 32. Dagestan lost 23 persons, KBR - 11, and Chechnya - 2. 17 persons were injured in Dagestan, 5 - in the KBR, 4 - in Ingushetia, and one - a militant - in Chechnya.

On March 1-31, at least 172 persons were detained on suspicion of involvement in illegal armed formations (IAFs), for helping them and for taking part in the rally against kidnappings: 141 persons in Dagestan, 14 - in Chechnya and Ingushetia each, 2 - in Kabardino-Balkaria and one - in the Krasnodar Territory.

Author: Vyacheslav Feraposhkin; Source: CK correspondent

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