08 February 2011, 20:00

Dokku Umarov took the responsibility for terror in Domodedovo

Responsibility for organizing the act of terror which carried away 36 lives with the use of a suicide bomber in the Moscow airport "Domodedovo" on January, 24, was taken by Dokku Umarov, leader of North-Caucasian gunmen.

Dokku Umarov's video message appeared at one of the web-sites supporting North-Caucasian gunmen loyal to Umarov after demonstration of a video on February, 4, in which Dokku Umarov reported training a certain Seifulla, suicide bomber, for fulfilling a "task" in the territory of Russia. Umarov declared that blasting of suicide bombers in Moscow and other cities of Russia would go on further, "every month and every week".

Three days after posting this message, on February, 7, Umarov took the responsibility for the explosion in "Domodedovo" airport. According to the gunmen's leader, the video message was recorded yet on January, 24, i.e. on the day of terror in "Domodedovo".

"This special operation was done upon my order", Umarov declared promising that such "special operations" would be continued in the future, too.

In his video message Umarov states that the attacks upon peaceful population of Russia are being carried out for the purpose of creation of a "free Islamic state" in Northern Caucasus. He calls terror in Domodedovo a "response to the crimes committed by Russia in the Caucasus".

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