14 August 2010, 21:00

"Imarat Kavkaz" has split up

Aslambek Vadalov, who was named to be successor of Dokku Umarov, leader of the "Imarat Kavkaz", and several more Amirs of the "Imarat" have retired. In his statement, placed in the Internet, Vadalov gave no explanation of his reasons.

The video shows about 50 members of illegal armed formations sitting on a hill. Two most well-known, after Dokku Umarov, Chechen field commanders - Aslambek Vadalov and Hussein Gakaev - took the front row. Close to them - Arabian Mukhkhadan, who is engaged, according to the data of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB, in training terrorists-suicide-bombers. His companion in this business - Yasir Aramat, also an Arabian, - was recently liquidated by Chechen power agents in the course of a special operation.

On behalf of the whole audience, Hussein Gakaev states in the video that he and Amirs Aslambek and Mukhkhadan, who had also resigned, would not stick to the oath they had given to Dokku Umarov and quit subordination to him. "He can't be our Amir, because he had received someone's order," Gakaev concludes, assuming that Umarov is not free in his actions. They also stated that while quitting subordination to Umarov they stay in "Imarat Kavkaz".

In the end of his appeal Gakaev expresses hope that "brothers" will also refuse to obey Umarov, the "Kommersant" is quoting the video placed in the website lamanserlo.com.

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