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18 December 2009, 23:30

Investigation: car explosion in Ingushetia was aimed against Maksharip Aushev's widow

The aim of blowing up the car committed yesterday in Ingushetia was supposedly Fatima Dzhanieva, widow of the assassinated earlier Maksharip Aushev. This version was announced by the investigation.

Let us remind you that on December 16, at the road police sentry post the car with relatives of the Ingush human rights activist Maksharip Aushev was blown up. The whole family was inside: Fatima Dzhanieva, pregnant widow of human rights activist Maksharip Aushev, her mother Leila and two brothers - Amirkhan and Muslim, the latter was driving.

From the explosion and fire Leila Dzhanieva, 51, and Muslim, 24, died in situ. Amirkhan and Fatima with heavy wounds were brought to the Ingush Republic's Clinical Hospital.

According to the investigation, the attempt was politically motivated and aimed at Maksharip's widow Fatima Dzhanieva, the website writes. The initial version was that some explosion was carried in the car, or the gas bottle could blow up. However, by the latest data announced by the Investigatory Department of the Russian ICPO for the Republic of Ingushetia, the reason of the explosion was a bomb, fixed, most likely, under the bottom of the car and triggered remotely.

"According to preliminary data, the car drove out into the highway in the direction of the city of Magas; however, having noticed road policemen who stood not far from that place, the driver began changing the direction of movement, and at that moment an explosion happened, which entailed casualties. Prior to the explosion, the law enforcers did not take any measures to stop Muslim Dzhaniev's car and did not open fire," writes the website of the regional prosecutor's office.

At the same time, many Internet users have their own view on what happens in Ingushetia.

"Judging by how officials of the MIA and Prosecutor's Office get confused in their evidences, it looks like they were strongly got in wrong by the FSB," writes an author of a post. "Thus, initially it was asserted that there were terrorists in the car who blew themselves up; then, that the car turned around near the post, and fire was opened at it; one of the bullets got into the bomb and it blew up; then, that there was fire from the post, and the gas bottle blew up. Now, the website of the prosecutor's office asserts that nobody stopped the car and nobody opened fire."

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