15 December 2009, 22:00

Abkhazia and Nauru set diplomatic relations

Today in Sukhumi, an agreement was signed on establishment of diplomatic relations between Abkhazia and the Republic of Nauru - one of the smallest countries in the world. Nauru, thus, has become the fourth country to recognize Abkhazia.

Earlier Abkhazia had officially addressed Nauru with a request to recognize the independence and establish diplomatic relations. On Monday, December 14, in the evening, Sukhumi hosted negotiations of the Nauru delegation with President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh.

The document on establishment of diplomatic relations was signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Sergey Shamba and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Finance of Nauru Kirien Keke. The ceremony was attended by President Sergey Bagapsh, Vice-President Alexander Ankvab, MPs and members of the government, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent reports.

"Nauru is a member of the United Nations, and for the first time in Abkhazia we sign an agreement on establishment of diplomatic relations, in fact, on recognition," President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh told journalists after signing the agreement. According to his version, "it was a great step."

In his turn, Mr Keke expressed hope that "establishment of diplomatic relations with Abkhazia will help to establishment of stability and peace between the two countries."

"I also hope that other countries will follow and recognize the independence of Abkhazia," Kirien Keke told journalists after signing the agreement on establishment of diplomatic relations.

Mr Shamba also noted that "in his diplomatic biography he was lucky to sign the agreement on establishment of diplomatic relations with the largest country in the world - Russia, and today - with the smallest one - the Republic of Nauru." "Within this range, we feel ourselves to be a medium-sized country," he said.

Author: Anzhela Kuchuberia; Source: CK correspondent

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