15 October 2009, 23:30

In Rostov Region, criminal case opened against militiaman who knocked pedestrians down

The investigatory bodies for the Rostov Region of the ICPO of Russia have initiated a criminal case against deputy head of the OVD (Interior Division) of the Oryol District, Rostov Region, suspected of breaking traffic rules, which entailed death by imprudence of two persons.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that in the evening on October 14 chief of staff of the OVD of the Oryol District, Rostov Region, while driving a car in the state of alcoholic intoxication, crashed into two young men in the highway Rostov-Stavropol. As a result of the road accident the victims died.

The "Regions.ru" writes with reference to the investigation that the driver of the car VAZ-2115, being in the state of alcoholic intoxication, exceeded the admissible driving speed and ran over two residents of the Kagalnitskiy District, aged 20 and 22, who died in situ from received wounds.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies, the speed of the car, in which militiamen were moving, exceeded 100 km/h. The degree of alcoholic intoxication in the driver, according to the source, made 1.54 per mile, as the "Interfax" writes.

The "Argumenty i Fakty" edition adds that today all the militiamen, who were in the car, were dismissed from the interior service, and the driver - lieutenant colonel and head of the OVD staff - planted behind bars.

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