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Proshyan, Perch

Real name - Ovanes Stepanovich Ter-Arakelyan.

Armenian writer and pedagogue.

Born June 3 (15), 1837, in the village of Ashtarak, now Razdansky County, Armenia. In 1855, graduated from Nersisyan cleric seminary in Tiflis. Was a teacher. In 1861, founded the first Armenian female school. Published his works since 1859. Was one of the founders of Armenian Theater in Tiflis (1863) and author of the play Agasi (1863, based on K. Abovyan's novel Armenia's Wounds). In 1860, published a social novel of manners Soye and Varditer. In historic novels Apple of Discord (1878), Throes of Childbirth Starting (1892), and other, depicted the national liberation struggle of the Armenian nation. In novels Because of Bread (1880, Russian translation 1955), Bloodsuckers (1889), and other, Proshyan depicted the hard destiny of the Armenian peasants. Translated into Armenian the works by L.N. Tolstoy, A.N. Ostrovsky, and C. Dickens.

Perch Proshyan died in Baku on November 23 (December 6), 1907, buried in Tbilisi.

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