July 30, 2021 11:58

  • Memo with dress code for tourists sparks disputes in Dagestan

    When visiting Dagestan, female tourists should not wear tight jeans or short skirts, while men are advised not to wear shorts, the authors of the memo for tourists coming to the republic have noted. Some Internet users found these recommendations reasonable; their opponents have pointed out that residents of Dagestan themselves often fail to follow this dress code.

July 29, 2021 23:25

July 27, 2021 23:41

July 17, 2021 15:05

July 16, 2021 10:15

  • Publication of Rutul fairy tales gives chance to preserve language of Dagestani minor nation

    Members of a small indigenous people in Dagestan and Azerbaijan – the Rutuls – have treated the publication of a collection of fairy tales in their mother tongue with interest; parents want to read this book to their children. The publication of the collection guarantees that the Rutul language will not disappear in the next half century, says Svetlana Makhmudova, a philologist the author of the book.

July 14, 2021 09:24

July 02, 2021 23:30

  • Idea of a film about a female sex worker provokes disputes in North Ossetia

    An idea of director Zaur Dzgoev to make a film about a female sex worker in North Ossetia to draw attention to the problem of violence against women and the violation of their rights provoked angry responses on social media. The Ossetian society needs artistic statements on the topic, when authors correctly understand the problem, analysts say.

June 28, 2021 23:54

June 20, 2021 12:26

  • Conflict involving singer Getagazova sparks debate on Caucasian customs

    A criminal case is being prepared against Elez Merzhoev, who was arrested after his conflict in a cafe with Aina Getagazova, a singer, on intentional infliction of minor harm to one's health. Instagram users have linked the doctors' conclusion about Getagazova's trauma with corruption and called on to punish hospital managers.

June 16, 2021 23:45

  • Religious leaders of Northern Caucasus declare no alternatives to Hajj

    For the second year in a row, the authorities of Saudi Arabia restrict pilgrimages from other countries to Muslim shrines in Mecca and Medina in connection with the pandemic. According to religious leaders of Northern Caucasus, there are holy places in the republics of Northern Caucasus, for example, graves of prominent Islamic figures, and visiting those places are a good deed, but that will not replace a pilgrimage to Mecca, Medina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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