March 16, 2019 08:35

  • CPRF achieves verification of legality of Rauf Arashukov's senator post

    The Federation Council is engaged in a check initiated by Valery Rashkin, a State Duma member from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), concerning verification of the information stating that when Rauf Arashukov got his senator's mandate in 2016, he had a residence permit in the UAE, the "Kommersant" reports.

March 12, 2019 14:23

  • Lilia Saidova's father reports about his son killed in Syria

    Before leaving for Syria, Magomed Saidov finished school as an external student and managed to finish three courses at the Medical and Dental University in Moscow. Parents spent half a year searching for him in Turkey, where he stayed before he got directly into the conflict zone, from where it was reported about his death during a bombing.

March 05, 2019 21:24

March 05, 2019 11:15

  • Soviet authorities' policy on Islam left traces in Caucasus

    The extermination of the clergy and the destruction of mosques in the Soviet years resulted in the appearance of radical preachers, Damir Mukhetdinov, the rector of the Moscow Islamic Institute, has stated at the conference "The History of Islam in Russia: Comprehension with Look into the Future".

March 04, 2019 19:53

February 23, 2019 00:15

February 15, 2019 17:46

February 15, 2019 01:43

February 14, 2019 18:29

  • Financial Times links Arashukov family's case with gas debts of Chechnya

    The dispute over the Chechen gas debt takes place amid tough measures to combat the inefficient operation of the Russian domestic market, say reporters of the Financial Times. The proceedings against the Arashukov family were launched against the background of their attempt to take control over the money for gas supplies to Chechnya, believes Oleg Bondarenko, the director of the Progressive Policy Foundation.

February 09, 2019 13:03

  • Ingush Muslim Centre not to stand up for Koran "extremist" interpretation

    The public council of the Nasyr-Kort Mosque in Ingushetia has called on the Muslims' Coordination Centre (MCC) of Northern Caucasus to stand up for the book interpreting the Koran in the translation of the philosopher, Elmir Kuliev, which the prosecutor's office demanded to treat as an extremist one.

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