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December 27, 2019 14:33

  • Memory of Dagestani poetess unites Nogai Diasporas in Turkey

    Natives of Dagestan appreciate the fact that a street in the Turkish city of Yalova was named after poetess Kadriya Temirbulatova. Members of the Nogai Diaspora treat that fact as a landmark event. The initiative to name the street after the poetess recalled the ideas of pan-Turkism, but the ideology is not the cornerstone of the politics adopted in modern Turkey, political analysts note.

December 26, 2019 23:56

  • Galkin's phrase about apology practice in Chechnya voiced at concerts criticizing Putin

    Maxim Galkin did not want to give a concert in Chechnya, where people were forced to apologize for their statements about the power, and that fact emphasized his critical attitude to the political atmosphere in Russia. In the course of his concerts in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar, Maxim Galkin ridiculed the methods of the Vladimir Putin's ruling and the corruption of officials, in particular, Rauf Arashukov.

December 20, 2019 12:50

  • Participants of Karachayevsk conference demand compulsory study of native languages

    Schools are not supplied with mother tongue textbooks, classrooms do not meet modern requirements, and many teachers are poorly prepared, emphasize participants of the conference. They have adopted an appeal to the parliament of the republic with a request to take the legislative initiative and invite the Russian State Duma to repeal the amendments to the Law "On Education in the Russian Federation".

December 13, 2019 21:38

November 30, 2019 17:13

  • Author of travel book compares Northern Caucasus with Western Europe

    Stories about travels in Northern Caucasus have become an important part of the book "People on the Map. Russia: From Edge to Extremity" by a Moscow journalist, Vladimir Sevrinovsky. The Caucasus seems monolithic only from outside, but the difference among the Caucasian republics is no smaller than among the countries of Western Europe, the author has noted.

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