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August 02, 2021 20:38

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August 02, 2021 10:28

  • Resident of Udmurtia freed from labour slavery in Dagestan

    Ivan Yakovlev managed to escape from labour slavery in Dagestan twice; at first he worked at a brick factory, then on a farm as a shepherd, the "Alternativa" anti-slavery movement has reported. Commentators are outraged by the widespread use of forced labour in Dagestan.

July 31, 2021 23:58

July 31, 2021 23:53

  • Missing Makhachkala resident found in SIZO

    Timurlan Abakarov, a resident of Makhachkala, whose relatives had announced his kidnapping, was found in the SIZO (pre-trial prison). He is suspected of illegal arms possession, his advocate has informed.

July 31, 2021 10:44

  • "Alternativa" explains sustainability of slavery labour in the Caucasus

    The people, who are freed from labour slavery, are not accustomed to defend their rights; they are afraid of revenge; therefore it allows their recruiters and exploiters to remain unpunished, the "Alternativa" movement has pointed out after the liberation of two residents of Southern Russia. In Northern Caucasus, slavery was the norm until the beginning of the twentieth century, Olga Shafranova, an ethnographer, has noted.

July 31, 2021 09:12

July 30, 2021 23:52

  • A resident of Makhachkala kidnapped, his relatives complain

    For the third day, Makhachkala resident Timurlan Abakarov has not been contacting his relatives and friends, and extremist posts appear on his page on a social media platform. Law enforcers are fabricating a criminal case against Timurlan Abakarov, his relatives suggest.

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