December 07, 2021 14:01

December 07, 2021 11:15

  • Over 500 KBR residents oppose introduction of QR codes

    Residents of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR) have supported the letter of the initiative group against compulsory vaccination, the introduction of QR codes and other restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic. They stressed that such decisions should be made after extensive public discussions.

December 03, 2021 23:52

  • Relatives of suspects killed in Kabardino-Balkaria refuse to cooperate with HRC “Memorial”

    The Human Rights Centre (HRC) “Memorial”* stopped working on the complaints filed by relatives of the suspects killed in the counterterrorist operation (CTO) in Kabardino-Balkaria, as they stopped cooperating with the human rights defenders. The complainants might refuse any attempts to reveal the real reasons for the deaths of their relatives because of pressure on families, the HRC reports.

December 02, 2021 18:11

  • Circassian activists stand up for Saakashvili

    When Mikhail Saakashvili was in power, Georgia officially recognized the Circassians' genocide, giving Circassian activists the opportunity to defend their rights within the international legal environment, Circassian activists have stated in their appeal to the Georgian President, Salome Zurabishvili. They have urged her to pardon Saakashvili.

November 29, 2021 14:29

November 22, 2021 11:27

  • Regions of Southern Russia are outsiders in wage level

    In the ranking of Russian regions in terms of wages, Kalmykia took the last place. Only 1.2% of residents of this republic get salaries over 100,000 roubles per month, while 19.6% residents get less than 15,000 roubles. The ten outsiders also include Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan.

November 21, 2021 12:29

  • GPO's claims to "Memorial" threaten human rights defence in Northern Caucasus

    The closure of the "International Memorial" and the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial", which the Russian General Prosecutor's Office (GPO) insists on, will seriously damage the defence of human rights in Northern Caucasus. Important projects will stop, and people will lose hope for help, human rights defenders, lawyers and journalists assert.

November 18, 2021 23:46

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