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December 03, 2003 21:11

December 03, 2003 20:20

December 03, 2003 19:12

December 03, 2003 17:22

  • Statement by Institute of Peace and Democracy

    More than a month has passed since the falsified presidential election of October 15 in Azerbaijan were held, but the republic still lives in the atmosphere of repressions, arrests goes on.

December 03, 2003 15:11

December 03, 2003 14:42

December 03, 2003 14:23

December 02, 2003 23:43

December 02, 2003 23:40

December 02, 2003 23:19

  • 12-year-old boy killed by sniper

    Representatives of the Russian military commandant's office who arrived to the site of occurrence on the same day admitted that the child had died through the federals' fault.

December 02, 2003 17:51

  • High-handedness of servicemen at Kavkaz checkpoint

    The Kavkaz checkpoint, which is situated on the Rostov-Baku federal rout at the administrative border between Chechnya and Ingushetia, is talked about among the republican population as the most unexpected and dangerous one.

December 02, 2003 17:19

  • Chechen human rights activist pursued

    Chairman of the Regional Public Organization "Union of Forced Migrants" Baudi Dudayev, who is well-known in the Republic of Ingushetia and in the Chechen Republic, is forced to hide from the possible pursuit by Russian special services.

December 02, 2003 16:37

December 02, 2003 15:40

December 02, 2003 14:03

December 02, 2003 12:08

December 01, 2003 21:05

December 01, 2003 20:29

  • $5 million reward offered for Shamil Basayev's capture

    Earlier President of Chechnya Akhmad Kadyrov, former commander-in-chief of the federal forces in the North Caucasus Gennady Troshev, as well as leaders of the Rodina election bloc promised to pay out a reward for Shamil Basayev's capture.

December 01, 2003 20:16

  • Action "Caucasus Against Terrorism"

    The action "Caucasus Against Terrorism" took place in Vladikavkaz on November 27. Trade unions, woman, youth, sport and veteran organizations of North Osetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Stavropol Territory and Ingushetia took part in it.

December 01, 2003 17:37

  • 12 aspirants for presidency in Georgia

    Observers say that Mikhail Saakashvili, the candidate of the National Movement and Burdjanadze-Democrats blocs, and former presidential representative in Imereti (West Georgia) Teimuraz Shashiashvili have the highest chances to win the election.

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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