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December 10, 2003 12:27

  • Contests in Rostov devoted to human rights

    Internet contests will be held at the Rostov regional center of the Internet Education Federation on December 13 and 14. They will be aimed at trying both students' human rights knowledge and their ability to find necessary information through Internet.

December 10, 2003 12:06

December 09, 2003 23:53

December 09, 2003 23:37

  • Regional visit of OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen is over

    The question of Nagorny Karabakh's participation in negotiations is one of the main questions that are of concern for the public of Nagorny Karabakh in the context of the process of seeking political resolution to the Karabakh problem.

December 09, 2003 23:31

  • Negative attitude to Armenia molded in Turkey

    The Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council, along with a group of academicians, conducted a public opinion poll in 12 towns of Turkey on December 3. 2,183 were questioned during it.

December 09, 2003 23:29

December 09, 2003 23:26

December 09, 2003 18:05

  • Kidnapper of Spanish businessmen arrested

    Tengiz Khangoshvili, a member of Shota Chichiashvili's criminal gang, was arrested by officers of the State Security Ministry in the village of Kvemo Khalani in the Pankisi region on December 8. Khangoshvili was wanted in connection with the kidnapping of two Spanish businessmen in Tbilisi on November 20, 2000. The two men were held hostage for a year. The prisoner has declared himself guilty.

December 09, 2003 17:53

December 09, 2003 17:03

  • Act of terrorism in Moscow

    Today, at 10:43 Moscow time, an explosion occurred near the National Hotel in Moscow. The terrorist act left several people dead and injured.

December 09, 2003 16:39

December 09, 2003 15:58

  • Explosion in Essentuki leaves 44 people dead

    Larisa Yakushko, a citizen of Kislovodsk, died on Sunday, December 7, in the Essentuki City Hospital; another citizen of Kislovodsk, Aleksey Amelekhin, died in the same hospital on the night of December 7-8.

December 09, 2003 14:28

December 09, 2003 12:38

  • Memorial activist wins Martin Ennals Award

    The Board of the Human Rights Center "Memorial" is pleased to inform that the Martin Ennals Foundation has conferred the 2004 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders (MEA) on Lida Yusupova.

December 08, 2003 23:47

  • Statement by Yerevan Press Club about draft law "On Mass Communication"

    "We rely on the fact that the wide coalition of forces, interested in the freedom and independence of media, will continue its efforts on improvement of legislation and at the same time will concentrate its attention on the development and introduction of mechanisms of the self-regulation of information sphere," reads the statement.

December 08, 2003 23:40

  • Chechen refugees are being moved from Alina camp

    The people are offered to resettle to the neighboring Satsita camp. With all this going on, even minimal conditions have not been created for them to live there. Only graveling has been started at the site marked out for new tents.

December 08, 2003 23:31

  • 44 rebels laid down arms

    As the rebels who laid down arms can be supposedly hunted by those who are still in illegal armed units, they will spend some time on the territory of special elements.

December 08, 2003 15:22

  • Foreign mercenaries during Karabakh war in Ayk Demonyan's book

    In the monograph "Karabakh Drama: Secret Acts" (Yerevan, Center for Iranian Studies, 2003), Armenian historian Ayk Demoyan succeeded in gathering and analyzing rich factual material about the military aid provided to Azerbaijan by Turkey during the Karabakh war and about the presence of recruited Chechen and Afghan mercenaries in the Azerbaijan army at that time.

December 08, 2003 15:19

  • Low turnout reported by observers in Chechnya

    "Roughly 200 voters, about 10 percent, came to our booth, so I really don't know where the [official turnout of] 70 percent came from," said Ruslan Khadashev, who worked at Precinct 369 on behalf of Salambek Maigov, one of the candidates.

December 08, 2003 15:12

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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