September 16, 2021 08:41

September 08, 2021 15:17

  • Charity run draws attention to problem of hiking in Dagestan

    Despite the worsening weather in Dagestani mountains, Ivan Davydov, a untramarathon runner, continues his charity run aiming to draw attention to the problem of providing palliative care to children and to promote the development of walking tourism (hiking) in Northern Caucasus.

August 16, 2021 11:17

August 05, 2021 19:24

  • Sochi hoteliers claim outflow of tourists

    In Sochi, after the requirement of the vaccination had been imposed for tourists, the hotel occupancy rate has decreased by almost 1.5 times, and about a third of the resort’s guests refuse to be vaccinated, hotel owners complain.

August 04, 2021 18:37

August 04, 2021 08:32

  • Kuban hoteliers suffer losses due to demand of tourist vaccination

    When accommodating into a hotel in the Kuban (the Krasnodar Territory, called like that by the name of the main river, – note of the "Caucasian Knot"), tourists must present vaccination certificates or a promise to get the first vaccination within three days. The accommodation demands have reduced, as these demands scare tourists away, tourism professionals report.

August 02, 2021 22:41

August 01, 2021 11:48

July 30, 2021 11:58

  • Memo with dress code for tourists sparks disputes in Dagestan

    When visiting Dagestan, female tourists should not wear tight jeans or short skirts, while men are advised not to wear shorts, the authors of the memo for tourists coming to the republic have noted. Some Internet users found these recommendations reasonable; their opponents have pointed out that residents of Dagestan themselves often fail to follow this dress code.

July 21, 2021 11:17

  • Network users dispute about tourists' safety in Dagestan

    The Dagestani natural attractions are poorly prepared to receive visitors, Instagram users have emphasized in their comments to the indignation of s female tourist after visiting the Sulak Canyon. However, other commentators assert that the beauty of nature should not be spoiled by metal fences.

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