Court stops cases of all employees of Makhachkala shelter

The Leninsky District Court of Makhachkala has found no violations of the law in the ac... More

12.06 / 08:52
ECtHR awards compensation to Nagavkin for violation of his right to freedom

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has found the arrest and long custody in Vol... More

12.06 / 08:39
Khalimat Taramova asks for help because of threat to her life

Khalimat Taramova, a daughter of one of the Ramzan Kadyrov’s close associates, had to f... More

11.06 / 22:43
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of a shelling attack on border

Armenian soldiers opened fire from small arms at positions in the Kelbadjar District, t... More

11.06 / 22:24
Detainees from Makhachkala shelter complain about being beaten by police

Lawyer Patimat Nuradinova reported about filing complaints to the Investigating Committ... More

11.06 / 19:08


Residents of Azerbaijan detained for violating ban on visiting Karabakh

In the Kelbadjar District, policemen detained five residents who were trying to enter n... More

12.06 / 18:23
Activists state persecutions after congress of Oirat-Kalmyk nationals in Elista

In Kalmykia, five activists reported that protocols were drawn up against them after th... More

12.06 / 17:38
Incident in Makhachkala shows violence victims' vulnerability in shelters

The forced abduction of a girl from the crisis apartment in Makhachkala can undermine c... More

12.06 / 17:11
Law enforcers hand Taramova over to her family by deceit

Khalimat Taramova, a resident of Chechnya, refused to leave the apartment for victims o... More

12.06 / 13:32
Pupils of Ninotsminda boarding school report threats after testifying

Several former pupils of the Saint Nino boarding school in Ninotsminda have reported th... More

12.06 / 13:18

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