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  • A bike in the embankment in Vladikavkaz. Photo by Ekaterina Gerasimova Journalist's walk along embankment in North Ossetia ends in detention

    A bike ride of Ekaterina Gerasimova, a journalist, along the embankment in Vladikavkaz seemed to local law enforcers like the behaviour of a drug hider. Ms Gerasimova complained about ill-treatment at detention. She missed her train, but law enforcers helped her to catch up with the train in a police car.

September 07, 2019 16:29

  • The village of Novosasitli. Screenshot of the video by Aytash TV channel Dagestani law enforcers set free detained local residents

    Several dozens of people, who were kept in a division of a power structure in the Khasavyurt District, were released nine hours after detention, local residents have informed. The Dagestani Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) claims that none of these people was detained.

September 07, 2019 11:37

  • The border territory between Georgia and  South Ossetia near the new checkpoint. Photo by the State Security Service (SSS) of Georgia Georgia condemns erection of new border checkpoint in South Ossetia

    Law enforcers have set up their checkpoint at a distance of less than two kilometres from the Georgian one, which became the subject of a border conflict. The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has treated this as a compulsion to border demarcation. The OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) has supported Georgia by opposing the bordering process.

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  • Rashid Maisigov. Screenshot of Arrest of Ingush journalist Rashid Maisigov extended

    A Magas court has extended until October 12 the arrest of the Ingush journalist, Rashid Maisigov, accused of drug storage, his advocate has stated. The court session on the case of the Ingush activist, Zarifa Sautieva, has been postponed until September 9.

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  • The courtroom at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). Photo CherryX per Wikimedia Commons Defence of Azerbaijani activists treats ECtHR's decision as fair

    The administrative prosecution of Azerbaijani activists violated their rights, and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) acknowledged that fact by awarding them compensation, believes advocate Asabali Mustafaev. Sagif Gurbanov, one of the complainants, also called the decision of the ECtHR fair.

September 06, 2019 15:27

  • Timur Khamkhoev in the Nalchik Military Court. Photo: screenshot of the video by the "Caucasian Knot" In Ingushetia, victims in torture case oppose release of Timur Khamkhoev

    The court postponed the consideration of an appeal concerning the conditional early relief (CER) of Timur Khamkhoev, who was sentenced in the case on torture used at the Centre for Combating Extremism (CCE) in Ingushetia. The court pronounced a too lenient sentence for Timur Khamkhoev, and he should not be released earlier than his sentence expires, the victims say.

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  • Samat Tatarkhanov and Ramazan Zakaryaev. Photo by the press service of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial" Experts treat oath of Dagestani residents to IS as manipulations

    An examination of the video depicting the oath given by four residents of Buynaksk to the leader of the "Islamic State" (IS), a terrorist organization banned in Russia by the court), has shown that they were affected by an off-screen manipulator, the defendants' advocate has stated.

September 05, 2019 23:58

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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