Residents of Azerbaijan welcome Novruz Bayram

In the evening on March 20, when the spring equinox came, Azerbaijanis saw the Novruz Bayram holiday in; its history has more than three thousand years.
Novruz-Bayram is a holiday of spring, it symbolizes the awakening of all living things.
Azerbaijani residents celebrate Novruz Bayram with traditional tablefuls, where the main meal is the festive pilaf. On the first day of Novruz, the whole family should be at home. Local residents say:: “If on the first day of Novruz you are not at home, then you will not see your home for seven years.”
On the day preceding the Novruz, it is a custom to make bonfires and jump through the flames. On March 19, the Novruz Bayram celebrations were launched in Baku in the Old Town, where a festive bonfire was lit at the Maiden Tower.
The city also opened a festive exhibition-fair “Oriental Bazaar”, located in the Baku Seaside Boulevard. Photo report by Aziz Karimov for the Caucasian Knot.

March 29, 2018 23:37
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