Will the foodstuff embargo help Caucasian villages? 11 topics и One message

Dec 31, 2014 16:00

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The Ukrainian crisis has activated Russia's foreign policy in the post-Soviet environment. The West has considered these actions (first of all, the incorporation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation) to be an aggressive violation of the international law and introduced sanctions against Russian companies and individuals. In response, Russia introduced an embargo on foodstuff imports from the countries, which had joined the anti-Russian sanctions. Can these measures help farmers of Northern Caucasus?The user with the nick Dobry warns that the embargo as such gives no privileges and shows that to scale up the yield of agriculture, the Caucasus needs accessible credits: "As they say, intentions are good; but why does it happen as usually? Because banks are state-owned; and they issue, as a rule, problematic and non-repaid loans and credits. If the sum is large, then, they sell it to some other creditor under a high discount. Why they issue, I think, it's clear. Another issue is that how then state banks influence the crediting market and equalize their indicators: they do it through subordinated credits from the state. Such poor banks, which always repair their position through the state funds, make the main acting force in the credit market. On the other hand, the state has complicated to the maximum the access to 'long money' for commercial banks. As a result, it looks like there is some proposal of credit resources, but they are provided to entrepreneurs by state banks under very complicated conditions for an ordinary agrarian: no land mortgage, right to lease, etc., but plenty of evaluation criteria, which give the right to make use of s sort of "upon-will crediting". Besides, commercial banks, which have no 'long money' for crediting, have to compete with state banks, which have already won the race because of direct help of the state. The end of the story will always be the same: they will always grant credits for alcohol, vodka, trade in clothes, direct swindling, but never to support the agriculture. Because there's always a guy, who is worried about his own pocket much more that about the progress of agriculture."The user with the nick Аcc offers to help farmers of the Caucasus by means of interest-free loans and exemption from rental fees: "Just grant them into lease what they process – the land, and do like in Canada; planting under schedule in order not to have excess or deficit of some product; and in animal husbandry – they should receive, for several years, interest-free loans and release from rental fees."The user Rock arrives at the conclusion that only new and tougher sanctions of the West can influence Russia's financial monopolists, whose crediting policy affects agrarians: "Indeed, the agrarian policy has been reduced to a donation auction; while agrarians have transformed, in some magic way into sub-purchasers of melons and strawberries, standing along and across highways. The only instrument that may affect the crediting policy of our state is in the Western sanctions against Russian banks-financial monopolists – SB, VTB, VTB-24, VEB and other subdivisions headed by inert and non-initiative holders of the control stake, whose all initiative was in reselling of cheap European inter-bank loan to some Russian creditor,,, now the conditions will change,,, and Polish apples will look like flowers before the berries of the credit crisis. Frankly speaking, I don't know whether it is good, or still better,,))))."Most votes went to the user with the nick nice.konan, who believes that the first measure to help Caucasian farmers should be a solution of the legal status of agrarian lands:"Until the agrarian lands are returned within the scope of the legal sphere, there will be no good. All the investments will be spread among 'users' themselves... The 'Rial-Agro' was put in place of the farm closed because of brucellosis, and what? Same collective farm thefts, same manure storages, and the same project of the mid-20th century! Dogs from the dump, foxes, mice, elite cows, intoxicated by stillage calve in the delivery premise; however, now, we can watch this intimate process online!"

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